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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
9:06 pm
Once you've joined copy and paste your intro post into your character journal so others can greet you when you're lost in Oblivion. you can also post on other people's journals and say hi, just remember STAY IN CHARACTER!!
8:41 pm
How to join
Before you read this make sure you read the "Rules" post and the "What is Oblivion" post.

To join you must fill out an application. Write these questions down in a reply with the answers beside them.

1. Your journal account name

2. The name of your character

3. The series that character is from

4. Backround information about the character( from the series)

5. Other main characters from your characters series.

6. A brief physical description

7. A summary of the character's personality

8. An intro Post( a first person paragraph about when your character first enters Oblivion)

9. Your Character Journal(you have to make a journal for your character with icons and everything. If you haven't made one yet just make it and put your username in a reply to your application.)

Thanks, I wont be too picky

P.S. No original characters until you've been playing a character for at least two months.
8:31 pm
Here are the rules for this community:

1. Use correct english.
It's no fun when you have no idea what someone is trying to say if they misspell.

2.Post frequently.
Before you join make sure you have enough time. We don't want anyone being abandoned in the middle of a conversation.

3.Be nice.
If you have a problem with another player, go sort it out somewhere else, not in this community.

4.Have Fun!
8:30 pm
What is Oblivion?
Oblivion is a world filled with darkness and is always night. In Oblivion there are seven main areas:

1. The City - a big city with towering skyscrapers.

2. The Great Plain - a grassy wide open space with no trees and man made pathways.

3. The Ruins - the ancient remains of Oblivion where the keys to Dark Castle are said to be hidden.

4. The Village - main living spot in Oblivion. It has many shops.

5. The Forest - a vast area made only of trees which reach up to 100 ft!

6. The Desert - has black sand.

7. Dark Castle - A castle visible from any part of Oblivion and the place thought to be the source of the never ending darkness
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